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Your Signature - Your Product

Frequently Asked Questions


3 Simple Steps to YOUR Signature Product Line!

Let us help you take that next step in creating your own private label hair care line. In just 3 simple steps, you can feel confident about having a unique salon that offers top of the line products with your own signature brand.


Order Try Me Kit


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How To Start

Why Private Label?

Creating YOUR signature private label hair care line is the perfect solution if you are ready to invest in something that will establish diversion proof profits, promote YOUR salon and increase YOUR client satisfaction!


What is a Try Me Kit?

We have 1 try me kit that allows you to experience all of the products we have to offer. These are full sized retail products so you can also experience what the packaging will look like inside your salon.


What does it cost to invest?

After receiving your Try Me Kit and discovering what YOUR signature private label could be, Signature Formulations offers three exclusive intro deals to get you started! All starting at $1100.

Is there a minimum per year to maintain a future active account?

Signature Formulations requires a minimum of $4,000 per year to maintain an active account.


Signature Products

What type of ingredients are used?

All our formulas are designed with the finest ingredients from around the globe. Free of all sulfates, salts, glutens, phthalates, formaldehydes and parabens. No animal testing. ALL PRODUCTS DMDM HYDANTOIN FREE.


How should I price my products?

Depending on your geographical area, you can upcharge your signature private line 2.5 - 5 times.


What is the shelf life?

Signature Formulations guarantees our products for up to 2 years. Most products, when stored properly with no excess heat or cold temperatures, will be viable for up to 3x the guaranteed shelf life.


Can I customize my own formula?

We do offer customization for those who are interested and reach the required minimum for specialized production. Customizing your own formula usually requires a 5,000 piece minimum and the purchase of your own package.

Can I sell my signature products outside my salon?

When partnering with Signature Formulations for your own private label hair care line, you are agreeing to only sell your signature line in your salon. Any sales to outside channels will require custom packaging. We would be happy to discuss assisting you with a contract manufacturing arrangement.



What is the design process?

We have a talented design team who will work with you in creating your own signature private label. Once your signature label has been approved, you will officially be a Signature Formulations partner! Giving you full access to our ordering platform, exclusive promotions and discount program.


How long is the design process?

This process typically takes around 5 business days!

What is the design fee?

Signature Formulations provides complimentary design services for all committed partners who already have a signature logo created. If you do not already have a logo, one of our design team members will help you create your signature logo for only $65 an hour.

Can my logo be silk screened?

Signature Formulations does not silkscreen bottles. However, we offer a premium logo option that features a clear label to match what a silk screen bottle would display. This option is available without the 4 dozen minimum on each and every SKU that other silkscreen companies require!


What are the order requirements?

We understand the value of inventory space and maintaining budgets. Unlike other private label hair care companies, we will never make you buy products you are not interested in!

What is the difference in your product lines?

Signature Formulations offers two exclusive product lines for you to choose from; Classic and Platinum. Our Classic line was designed with our economical packaging that provides a more profitable product. Recently, we have released our new Platinum Luxury line for those who are interested in a more upscale packaging option.


What sizing options are available?

We offer several different sizing options for most of our formulations. Our private label hair care products are available in sizes ranging from travel to back bar gallons.

How do I order?

Complete our 3 simple steps to become a Signature Formulation partner!





How much is the shipping cost?

Depending on the size of your order, shipping can range from $20 to $139 per pallet.


Where do you ship?

Signature Formulations will ship anywhere in the United States for our committed partners.


How long does it take?

Once your order has been completed, shipping takes as little as 5 business days depending on your specific location. All new orders will ship within 14 business days of when the labels are received.


What is the turnaround time on reorders?

Signature Formulations offers the fastest turnaround time in the industry! In just 4 days, your new order will be processed and shipped out to you!


Are your products insured?

Yes, all of Signature Formulations products are insured. Once you are a committed partner, your salon will be listed as a rider on our insurance policy.

Getting Started
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