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Let us help you take that next step in creating your own private label hair care line. In just 3 simple steps, you can feel confident about having a unique salon that offers top of the line products with your own signature brand.


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Your Signature Label

Signature Formulations has a talented design team who will work with you in creating your own signature label. We offer 2 different design options: Classic and Luxury.

Once your signature label has been approved, you will officially be a Signature Formulations partner! Giving you full access to our ordering platform, exclusive promotions and discount program.

Signature Intro Deals

Introductory Offers

Customizing your order just got easier! Here at Signature Formulations, we understand the value of inventory space and maintaining budgets. We are now offering a unique order option that allows you to select several different products to meet your purchase requirements. Unlike other private label hair care companies, we will never make you buy products you are not interested in!

Classic Line

Silver - $850.00 
-6 each of your chosen 12 products

Gold - $995.00 
-12 each of your chosen 12 products

Diamond - $1500.00 
- 12 each of your chosen 12 products
- Includes backbar (12 assorted liters of your choice)
- Includes Virtual Product Knowledge Class

Classic & Platinum Mix and Match

Classic & Platinum Mix and Match - $1600

-12 Classic Products (6 bottles each)

-12 Platinum Products (6 bottles each)

-Mix and Match 12 of your favorite Classic & Platinum

Liters for BackBar Use (12 Liter Bottles Total)

-Virtual Pk Class

Platinum Luxury Line

Diamond Introductory Line- $1600.00

-12 cases of 12 products

-12 Backbar Liters

-Virtual Educational Class

Platinum Introductory Deal - $2500

- 1 case (12 bottles) of all 18 Platinum products

-1 Liter each of Shampoos and Conditioners for BackBar use

-Virtual Product Knowledge Class

Classic & Platinum Deluxe

Classic & Platinum Deluxe - $2500

-12 each of 8 Platinum Products

-12 each of 10 Classic Products

-12 Liters of Platinum

-6 Liters of Classic

-4 Half Gallons of Classic

-6 of 12 chosen Styling Products for Stylist Use

-Virtual Pk Class

Your Signature Product Selection

Signature Formulations manufactures all our private label hair care products in-house with our amazing team of cosmetic chemists. When partnering with us, you will be able to choose from over 60 different formulations of shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products.


All our formulas are designed with the finest ingredients from around the globe. Free of all sulfates, salts, glutens, phthalates, formaldehydes and parabens. No animal testing.


Order one of our exclusive Try Me Kits now and receive 25 + formulas.

Discover what your signature private label hair care line could be!

Shampoos & Conditioners



Color Treatment






Various Leave-In Treatments


Blow Dry Spray


Smoothing Balms

Volume Mist

Non-Aerosol Foamer

Firm Hold Aerosol

Medium Hold Aerosol

Dry Texturizing Spray


Curl Crème

Curl Spray




When partnering with us, you do not need to buy large volumes to earn discounts! Our signature discount program rewards up to 30% off your Total Annual Purchase Amount. Starting with 10% off when you purchase $5,000 annually. ICA members automatically receive this signature discount. With over 60 different formulas, your signature discount can be earned quickly!

Signature Discounts


Lowest Minimum Quantities in the Industry

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